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Winter pump protection guide.

1. If the pump freezes, use hot water or boiling water to pour into the pump to internalize ice.Or heating pump housing.

2. Place the pipeline pump in a normal temperature environment, above zero degrees.

3. When the pump is out of service, the liquid in the pump should be drained, and the liquid should be added when the pump is in use. Avoid freezing water pumps and cracking water pumps.

4. The potential liquid of the submersible pump is not easy to freeze, and the outlet pipe is kept warm.

5, the use of a heat preservation pump or choose stainless steel antifreeze material. Add the insulation layer to steam or hot water. In case the pump freezes.

6, centrifugal pumps can do some anti-freezing maintenance on the pump body and pipeline. The external surface of the pump can be wrapped with cotton or cloth, and the pipe can be wrapped with straw rope cloth. You can also apply anti-freeze paint and other measures


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