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Shanghai Mislier Pump Industry Co., LTD., was established in Shanghai. It is a design, research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and service set in modern enterprises.

Professional production and sales of industrial pumps, civil water pumps, deep well pumps, sewage lifters, fire pumps, and other pumps, products widely used in pressurization, industrial applications, water treatment, water supply, air conditioning water circulation, heating, cooling, fire protection system, groundwater supply, sewage treatment, chemical industry and many fields such as desalination) focus on the water pump mechanical and electrical products for 30 years.

Mislier Water Pump Support Your Business and Home

Mislier water pump products include: Vertical water pump, Horizontal water pump, Auto water pump, Booster water pump, Hybrid Solar water pump, Solar water pump, Solar Swimming Pool water pump, Macerator water pump, Self-priming Jet water pump, Electric Swimming Pool water pump and etc.

Water pumps are essential to homes, but many struggle with the low water pressure in their homes. That’s why we’ve developed the best water pump for more power and better water flow.

Mislier Water Pump Products Workshop

Mislier has a first-class water pump equipment workshop, and a special water pump product design department, the workshop has large laser cutting machines, CNC punching machines, CNC bending machine, CNC shears, robot automatic welding lines, automatic bending machine, variable pump injection molding machine with different tonnages, a number of standard assembly lines, with a strong water pump design and processing capacity.

Mislier water pump workshop is best for new innovation and creative design. We have a water pump research and development team and we are confidently saying that our team was great.

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