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Hilton Worldwide is a Multinational Hotel

Hilton Worldwide is a multinational hotel management company founded in Texas, USA. Formerly an affiliate of Blackstone Group, it went public in 2013. Hilton Worldwide Holdings, Inc., owns the right to use the “Hilton” trademark worldwide except in the United States.

Hilton Hotels in the United States are owned and managed by Hilton Hospitality Corporation (HHC). Hilton Hotels Worldwide operates 403 hotels, including 261 Hilton hotels, 142 mid-market “Skanker” hotels and 18 “Conrad” hotels in 12 countries in a joint venture with North America-based Hilton Hotel Management. Its global marketing alliance with Hilton Hotel Management has brought the total number of its hotels worldwide to more than 2,700, of which more than 500 hotels share the Hilton brand.


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