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How should the pipeline circulating pump be selected?

“Pipeline circulation pump” is a single suction single stage centrifugal pump, belongs to a vertical pump, other horizontal multistage centrifugal pump, vertical multistage centrifugal pump.Pipeline circulation pump has the characteristics of coaxial direct connection, easy installation and energy saving motor.

After understanding the characteristics of the pipeline circulating pump, I will be curious about how the pipeline circulating pump should be selected. Below, I will share with you the 5 skills of pipeline circulating pump selection.

(1) According to the pump station design head, select several pipeline circulating pumps with different flow rates from the comprehensive spectrum of pipeline circulating pump or the performance table of pipeline circulating pump product samples. The selected pipeline circulating pump design head and pump station design head consistent or close. But traffic may be slightly different.

(2) According to the design flow rate of the pump station and the selected pump flow rate, determine the number of pipeline pumps of different pump types, and strive to meet the requirements. The process line of water or drainage design flow in irrigation area was drawn, and the process line of pump station output flow with different number of selected pipeline circulating pumps was fitted to the process line of irrigation and drainage design flow to check whether it could meet the requirements of irrigation and drainage flow changes. If the flow process line fitted is close to the flow plate process line designed for irrigation and drainage, it indicates the number of pump types selected. It can basically meet the requirements of irrigation. Within the irrigation permissible range, the design flow process line can be revised to make the two consistent.

(3) According to the primary pump type and number. Configure the pipeline and accessories, draw the pipeline characteristic curve, find out the working point of the pipeline circulating pump, and determine the installation elevation of the pipeline circulating pump.

(4) select power machines and auxiliary equipment, formulate the structure and layout of the pump room, etc.

(5) According to the selected pipeline circulating pump model and the characteristics of supporting equipment, according to the economic and technical requirements, reasonable accounting of construction cost and operation cost, determine the reasonable pump type and number.

Pipeline circulation pump three prominent advantages:

1, coaxial direct connection: the impeller is directly connected with the motor shaft, energy saving, low noise, can balance the pump operation of radial and axial load.

2, simple installation: the same inlet and outlet caliber, located in the same horizontal line, simple structure.Easy to maintain, when repairing impeller and seal and other vulnerable parts, no need to dismantle the pipeline.

3, Energy-saving motor: secondary energy efficiency, energy saving and electricity saving, optional explosion-proof motor, high temperature corrosion resistance, long life.


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