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Hot Sale Constant Pressure Water Supply System For Irrigation Ro Water Pump System For High Building

Product Feature:
  • Size of pools/request current/pressure etc.
  • Applied region’s voltage and frequency (380v/220v/50HZ is available.)
  • Applied region’s request for safety certificate.
  • High Pressure
  • Type of plug. (No plug, Europe plug, UL plug is available)

Product Description

The Constant Pressure Water RO Pump is a high-performance, vertically oriented pressure pump designed for use in reverse osmosis systems. It is manufactured by CNP (Changsha Pump), a trusted name in the industry known for delivering reliable and efficient pumping solutions.

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems: The pump is an essential component in RO systems, ensuring the efficient pressurization of feed water for the removal of impurities, salts, and contaminants.
  • Water Purification Plants: It’s ideal for use in municipal water treatment facilities, helping in the production of clean and safe drinking water.
  • Industrial Processes: The pump is suitable for various industrial processes, such as desalination, chemical manufacturing, and pharmaceutical production, where high-pressure water is required.
  • Agricultural Irrigation: This pump can be used to supply high-pressure water for agricultural irrigation systems, increasing the efficiency of water distribution.
  • Boiler Feedwater: In power plants and manufacturing facilities, the pump can be used for feeding water into boilers at the required pressure.
Operation Conditions:
  • Clean, non-flammable and non-explosive liquid containing no solid granules and fibers.
  • Liquid temperature: Normal temperature type:-15℃~ +70℃ ; Hot water type:-15℃~ +120℃
  • Ambient temperature: up to +40℃
  • Altitude: up to 1000m
  • When the density or viscosity of the transmission medium exceeds that of water, it is necessary to select a driving motor of high-power.
  • PH 5-8

Product Specification

Performance Table and Installation Sketch and Size weight Chart
Performance Curve
Product Applicaiton

Factory Work

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