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SPA Pool Pump 2 Speed Hydromassage Bathtub Pump

Product Feature:
  • Size of pools/request current/pressure etc.
  • Applied region’s voltage and frequency (220-240V/60HZ,220-240V/50HZ,110-120V/60HZ is available.)
  • Applied region’s request for safety certificate.
  • The fitting size.
  • Type of plug. (No plug, Europe plug, UL plug is available

Product Description

Product Features:

WP series spa pool pump is 2 speed pump for SPA pool that achieve to high-speed for massage and low speed for filter and cycle functions. Pump casing is volute design with high-performance and large flow and low-noise.2″ inlet and outlet, Pump housing could be 90 flexible installation for easy pipe work. Liquids part is made of high reinforce engineering plastic; applied mechanical seal type ensure watertight in long-time continuous operation. WP series is recognized and accepted products by SPA manufacturers.

Motor: air cooling motor is suitable for Europe. Single-speed and dual-speed is available on request. Design for winding is advanced and the exchange between high-speed and low-speed is sensitive that attained the advanced level in home pump industry. Frame and base is conjoined with material of aluminum. This pump is under low-noise and less-vibration and durability that are specialized for SPA and swimming pool pump. Insulation class F, protection IPX5, continuous duty; Single-phase with thermal protector from T1 to ensure safety and convenience in operation.

  1. CCC Safety certificate.
  2. CE certificate in EU
  3. TUV certificate of Germany
  4. RoHS approval
  1. It’s suitable for hydro massage tube or spa system and cycle or filter of swimming pool system.
  2. Weak corrosive liquid (weak acid and weak) without solid granules. liquid temperature: +5-60℃
  3. It’s suitable for circulating water equipment that use for workshop’s cooling-down.(single-speed)
  1. SPA outdoor large pool: WP200/ WP250/ WP300
  2. 25(m3/h ) integration swimming pool’s equipment
  3. Reverse flow of nozzle: WP400
Selection Notice:
  1. The number of nozzles installed. suffix is for single-speed motor and Ⅱ for dual-speed motor.
  2. Applied region’s voltage and frequency (220-240V/50HZ、220-240V/60HZ is available)
  3. Applied region’s request for safety certificate.
  4. Request for fitting size (60.3mm,63mm,75mm is available)
  5. Length of Suitable cord and type of plug. (No Plug or AMP is available.) LX spa pump 2 speeds, spa pool pump (WP200-I/250-I/300-I/400-I/WP200-II/250

Product Specification

SPA Pool Pump 2 Speed Hydromassage Bathtub Pump technical perameter
performance curve
SPA Pool Pump 2 Speed Hydromassage Bathtub Pump performance curve
overall dimension
SPA Pool Pump 2 Speed Hydromassage Bathtub Pump overrall dimension
product application
Series Above Ground Swimming Whirlpool Bathtub SPA Water Pump product application
SPA Pool Pump 2 Speed Hydromassage Bathtub Pump exploded
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